The 5 Levers of Success – Are you maximising your greatest skills?

Our very own Sophie Bennett interviewed 50 amazing people and surveyed over 100 more who counted themselves as being highly driven. Many of them were multimillionaires. They all fell into one of 5 categories of what motivated them.

The first group were motivated by flow. That’s all about getting in the zone, flow is about mastering things, and this group were great at focussing on things. They leveraged becoming mastery of their craft, skill or area of expertise as their primary success strategy.

The second group were motivated by inclusion – that’s connecting people and being connected by strong relationships and building communities, movements or tribes. They leveraged people for their biggest successes.

The third group were motivated by results – they wanted to win, got a big buzz from being top of the pile. The competition and the achievement of being top was huge for them. They leveraged their discipline and clarity to create their biggest successes.

The fourth group were motivated by expression. They wanted to express themselves. They were great at communicating. Not always verbally, it took different forms: beauty, fashion, animation, writing, poetry and digging deep into the human condition. They became artists, creatives and speakers and healers. They leveraged their empathy and ability to communicate to succeed.

The fifth group were motivated by discovery. The are as curious as a cat with a sealed box of catnip. They were coaches, scientists, academics and inventors. They love novelty, are great at asking questions and will always be opening new doors, having new ideas and linking things together in new ways. They leveraged their ability to innovate to succeed.

If you find that fun, and interesting and you want to see how those things work together (which is where the 5 Flames of Motivation get REALLY interesting)…. buy the book. In the meantime, would love to hear how you think you are motivated and if you have been leveraging the appropriate skills so far!