Are you committed to growing your business to six figures plus over the next 12 Months?

What is the Thought Leaders Mastermind?


The Objective - To build a profitable, scaleable business by becoming the Thought Leader and go-to expert in your industry.

The Concept - A monthly gathering of bright minds who want to do great business. A mastermind group is made up of a select group of positive and inspiring people, plus experienced mastermind facilitators and a member support team. Experienced members often call their Mastermind group The board they can't afford. If you want to reach the top of your industry, fulfil your true potential, maintain your independence AND benefit from a supportive peer group, then this mastermind group might be just what you have been searching for.

The Detail -  12 full Mastermind days including masterclasses, visiting Thought Leaders who share how they have done it, networking and  ‘hot-seat’ sessions. That's when you get to tap into the 'hive-mind’ to solve your biggest business challenges. You also get to share experiences to help other members, learn from their journeys, continue your own personal and professional development and grow your elite network.

The People - Membership is restricted to a maximum of 20 members; just small enough for  regular hot-seat sessions for everyone who needs one, and just big enough to book attract top industry professionals to come and share their insider knowledge with you.

The Content - You will learn how build multiple income streams based on the 4 cornerstones of the Thought Leaders Blueprint;
1. create your own valuable Intellectual Property Model, 2. price and position your proposition, 3. build your market credibility and 4. develop your platform and connect you with your ideal customers.
In summary, you will get the tools, resources, connections and confidence to take your business to the next level.

The Support - The Mastermind is your accountability group, they are there to support you, challenge you and cheer your successes. There is an online group to keep in touch between mastermind days, plus there's the  opportunity to bolt on additional one-to-one coaching.
The collective power of a group of people with an exciting goal, who meet behind closed doors and support each other is difficult to describe until you have experienced it for yourself.

For your hosts, Mastermind groups have been transformational - that's why we are so passionate about running the yours. Join us. 

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Who Is It For?

Are you an ambitious speaker, author, consultant or coach?
Are you an ambitious business owner on a growth path who wants to be seen as the go-to person?
Do you want to productise your knowledge and seriously raise your profile in your niche?


If the answer is yes to any of the above, then Thought Leader’s Mastermind just might be for you.

  • Are you a Speaker, Author, Consultant or Coach?
  • Do you have specialist knowledge or a passion that you would like to build a business around?
  • Would you like to develop multiple revenue streams and get paid while you sleep?
  • Would you value an outside perspective and the ongoing accountability that comes with a mastermind group?
  • Would you like to be part of a powerful network which proactively works for each other to create new opportunities?
  • Do you in a business where specialist knowledge or expertise is a key part of the offering?
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Your Mastermind Day Format

A typical mastermind starts with a review of your progress, and transitions into a relevant skills development session. We bring in top experts to share their inside information relevant to your strategy. For example, if you are developing your speaking we have a speaker bureau coming in to share what they and their clients are looking for. If you are writing (or have written) a book, we have leading publishers and book PR experts coming to share their professional knowledge about how to market your book and use it to generate other revenue streams. We help you to build the right connections from the very beginning and give you a competitive advantage.

At lunch, you will get to network with each other and guest speakers. It's a great chance to deepen relationships and uncover new business opportunities.

In the afternoon there are hot-seat sessions where we take the challenges YOU are facing in your business and put the power of the 'hive-mind' to work for you. This is the part of the day when you are truly working ON your business instead of IN your business.

As you build trusted relationships with your fellow Thought Leaders, you will have a group of confidants to share ideas with, gain valuable feedback on the issues you face, & create new opportunities with. Our format accelerates the building of trust. You have probably heard the saying that "Your network is your net-worth". We know from experience that it is - and we want to help you build both.

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Who Facilitates Thought Leader's Mastermind

Your monthly meetings are chaired by Warren Cass, an experienced facilitator, passionate about masterminding and the impact it can have.

His groups are designed to support, feedback, develop and most importantly, create new commercial opportuinities for its members.

Warren is best-selling author of Influence, an award-winning entrepreneur and an international speaker. He has worked with some of the largest companies in the world helping them navigate change and develop both their internal and external relationships. He is a Thought Leader on the topics of influence, communication, leadership and marketing. Warren’s speciality is in helping you build your platform so you can take your proposition to market. He will help you develop your personal brand, structure joint venture partnerships and devise your marketing strategy.

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Thought Leader's Blueprint is the definitive guide to building a profitable proposition and a strong personal brand in the knowledge economy. It's a proven methodology for success. Developed by modelling established leaders in their field and honed with years of experience; all backed with powerful case studies that prove when you work The Blueprint, The Blueprint works for you!

The Blueprint underpins everything we do during the Mastermind sessions and training days. It influences our selection of guest speakers, and provides the foundation for creating the members' strategies.  It's your business strategy in a box that helps you cut through complexity and give your clear direction to becoming the recognised expert in your industry.

Dates and Locations

Venues - You can choose to join either the Midlands or London mastermind.
Meeting days - There are 12 days in total; 11 x 1 day meetings, a break in August and a 2 day mastermind meeting in September.
Duration - Joining is based on a 12 month agreement, we believe it takes time, consistent action and a strong support network to build your business and achieve lasting results.

What is the Application Process?

Step 1- Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you to arrange a call with Warren or Sophie.
Step 2 - On the call, tell us about your business and your ambitions so we can assess if the Thought Leaders Mastermind is a potentially a good fit for you.
Step  3 - If we agree that it's a good fit for you, complete the application paperwork to apply for a place and get ready to fly!



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