But no-one trained us to be self-employed, win business for ourselves or run a small company did they?

There’s a world of difference between striking out of your own after life in a bigger company or stepping up from being a sole trader to doing something that can give you long term personal comfort and security. Who teaches those skills? Not our schools or universities, they aren’t geared up for that.

Traditional education is still designed to produce graduates who are going to become valuable assets for medium to large corporations.In other words, the world has changed and people who are out on their own have provided rich pickings for private companies who don’t always deliver on their big promises of a better life. That’s why we started Achievers International. We wanted to deliver practical help, training and personal development to people who are wise enough to know that they need to keep learning and ambitious enough to use what they know to build a better life for themselves. We know that there are hundreds of content providers to the ‘speakers, trainers, coaches and consultants’ market – and there are very few of them that we believe deliver great value for money. There are the high ticket sales guys who are more interested in their own houses and fancy holidays that they are in their clients success, there are the high pressure sell from stage gurus who promise effortless success and there are thousands who are selling on line success who can be seen living the laptop lifestyle. But how much of it is real? The answer is – not much.

The founders, Warren Cass and Sophie Bennett have both founded, built, run and sold businesses in telecoms, networking, event management, retail and IT over the last 25 years. They have both had great times, business heartache, almost drowned, learned the hard knocks of selling and the harsh realities of expensive marketing that produced zero returns. In short, they have a wealth of experience and live to tell the tale. Out of the other side of all that they have built successful a speaking businesses, written best selling books and have varied business interests. Both of our founders share a love of personal development and lifelong learning that they are compelled to share.