Up Coming Dates: 18th & 19th Jan

Where: Oxford

Price: £497.00 Plus VAT

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Public Speaking Masterclass for Aspiring Professional Speakers

A high impact two day speaking masterclass designed to increase your confidence and gravitas as a speaker.

Great speakers make their performance look effortless, but don’t be fooled, this takes practice! You will gain valuable insights and techniques that are overlooked on most public speaking courses. This masterclass is designed specifically for Thought Leaders who are ready to be seen, heard and paid.

The masterclass covers presentation stucture, how to use the stage for maximum impact, how to develop your vocal skills and master your body language. You will also learn how to power up your story telling, deepen the connection with your audience and increase the influence you have on stage.

But that’s not all... We will be sharing essentials that most people don’t think about until it’s too late - how to avoid nightmare technology malfunctions, wardrobe horror stories and other stage pitfalls, how to cope with being filmed and great advice on how look great in photographs.

Over both days you will work one-on-one with professional keynote speakers to help you banish nerves, build your authority and polish your performance.

What you will learn during the Masterclass

  • How to build a professional speaker business
  • How to build rapport with the audience
  • How your posture can help you to stay calm and increase your authority
  • How to use pace, volume, language and tone to increase your impact
  • How to use space to navigate through your talk so you can present without slides
  • How to use gestures to bring your story and ideas to life
  • How to help the audience to follow your ideas

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