Up Coming Dates: 21st & 22nd Jan

Where: Oxford

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2 Day Workshop on How to Build and Grow Your Expert Based Business

Discover the blueprint that highly paid experts use to charge premium prices, land the best clients and become the ‘go-to’ person.

The Thought Leaders Blueprint will help you become the respected go-to person in your industry. It shows experts like you how to turn your thoughts, ideas and experience into valuable intellectual property and sought-after products and services.

Building a business from your knowledge is a journey with massive potential. Those who navigate the path successfully become Thought Leaders. They gain time, financial freedom and win kudos. But that same road is littered with those who miss a vital element, or get diverted and distracted and end up losing valuable time, money, belief and self-confidence.

The Thought Leaders Blueprint will help you avoid those pitfalls and give you what you need so you can focus your e orts for the greatest results and build a commercially successful business that you love.

To be a Thought Leader you need original thinking, delivered in a way that’s unique to you. The Blueprint is your framework for building your business, your way.

Based on the content delivered on our Making Money in a Knowledge Economy seminar, this 2 day workshop turns the ideas into practical steps that you can apply to your own business. Both days are delivered by Sophie Bennett and Warren Cass who will personally guide you throught building your own personal blueprint.


With no model people can’t easily understand your unique value.


With no defined market you can’t craft a specific message.


With no clear proposition people can’t pay you.


With no platform people can’t find you.

What you will learn and create during the Masterclass

This workshop is designed to give you clarity on the potential of your knowledge based business.

  • It will help you define and build your model
  • It will help you understand your audience and the problems they need solving
  • It will help you create, prioritise and launch new propositions
  • It will help you build your platform and identify new partnerships

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