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You've Written Your Book - Now What?

A one day workshop designed for authors who want to want to get the greatest commercial return on their business or non-fiction book. 

If you have written a business or non-fiction book and are asking yourself how you can get the best possible return now that your book is published, then this is the course for you.

To be successful with a book today there are specific business concepts and methods that the most prominent and most financially successful authors and thought leaders use to build their platforms and to convert readers into business.

Your book is just one component to success. A great publisher may help you to get some initial PR for your book, but at somepoint the responsiblity for getting your book out there over the long term and fully leveraging its power will be totally down to you.

This is the point when authors start looking for us! How do you build a lasting business? What are the best strategies for generating income? What's working right now? What's stopped working for others in the business?

These are the questions that the day is all about. It's a fully interactive, intimate workshop designed for authors who need to move their business to the next level and really capitalise on the hard work that has already been done.

This one day workshop is run by bestselling authors, Warren Cass Sophie Bennett who co-created the Thought Leaders Blueprint. They are two commercially sucessful authors who have a strong track record of successful monetisation of their content. They working with author and speakers  who have successfully montetised high six figure businesses based on their books.

This workshop is totally focussed on creating commercial opportunities and finding more ways to leverage your work. A full day of hearing what other successful authors are doing and exploring the options open to you.

If it's time for you to find out what potential you have locked up in your business that you haven't  monetised yet, then this is a must attend workshop.


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