Achievers International is where smart, ambitious and exciting people come to raise their game.
We work with individual Thought Leaders and organisations who want to raise the bar.

For individuals - think of us a Thought Leaders Central. We run inspiring masterclasses and workshops and mastermind groups that help speakers, trainers, authors, coaches and ambitious entrepreneurs to become Thought Leaders in their sector. Our goal is to help you achieve outstanding commercial success.

For organisations, services include our revolutionary Sales Academy, presentation and media training, communication skills workshops and leadership development.

We believe in the creative power of teams and the intellectual horsepower of the ‘hive mind’.

That’s why we are so passionate about the mastermind concept – a safe environment where people come together to share ideas, feedback and learn.

We run a mastermind for individual Thought Leaders and take the same powerful principles into incubators, organisations and companies.

Our Sales Performance Academies combine the power of the mastermind with uplifting skills and mindset training to bring out the best in sales people.

For organisational leaders, we harness the best specialist leadership trainers to create and deliver inspiring workshops and experiential learning days to your managers and leadership teams.

"We develop people to be the best they can be. People hold the key to success in any business. Success depends on ccommunication, leadership, a bold vision and outstanding customer service. All those things take skills, a positive attitude and a success mindset. So it's time to go beyond just engaging people - we believe it's time to inspire!"

What Our Customers Have to Say

  • ACCA
    It was a pleasure seeing you again on Monday and thank you so much for such an interesting, engaging and useful session on effective communication! I absolutely loved the buzz in the room, the networking, the group activities and the talk itself. You’ve both delivered high quality content and I am sure members will have appreciated it. It was really encouraging to see how members strive to better themselves and soak in every word of yours. The transformation in those who stood in front of the audience with their fear of public speaking was incredible and inspiring.